List of manufacturers of used component parts


Equipment name Manufacturer
1. Mechanical equipment
Non-standard parts and units “Marvie” LLC (Russia)
Linear and ring bearings, guides Hiwin (German-Taiwan), GUDEl (Switzerland)
Pneumatic equipment SMC (Japan)
Electric motors, gears, linear drives SEW Eurodrive ((Japan))
Energy resources tracks IGUS (German)
2. Equipment of computer controlled information complex (CCIC)
Cabinets, constructs, connectors Rittal, Harting (German)
Uninterruptible power supplies APC Corp., PowerCom (USA)
Industrial computer and its components, computer peripherals Advantech, Intel, HP, NEC, Seagate,

Logitech (USA)

Network equipmentС D-Link (USA)
Synchronization modules “Marvie” «LLC»

on the basis of components of Analog Devices, ALTERA, Texas Instruments, Cristalonics (USA)

3. Automation and power supply equipment
Cabinets, panels and other constructs Rittal (German)
Programmable controllers and touch-sensitive terminals of operator SIEMENS (German)
Low-voltage switchgear, terminals, marking Entrelec, Lovato, (German)
Power switchgear, frequency converters SIEMENS (German), Omron, Yaskawa (Japan)
Automation system detectors Sick, Turk, Balluff, Pepper & Fuchs, Siemens (German),Omron (Japan)
4. 2D-triangulation laser scanners and on the basis of “optical shadow” Riftek (Belarus), MEL (German), Micro-Epsilon (USA)