“Marvie” LLC develops and produces non-standard equipment, implements it into existing or designed production lines of the Customer in the optimal way. It requires a special approach in designing. Design of mechanical equipment is conducted in the automated design system with 3D support, which enables to find layout and engineering solutions at the outline designing stage without delays, to check absence of neighboring parts crossing in the process of its motions, to check needed clearances, to carry out project teamwork.

High technologies, which enable to produce non-standard parts of devices with minimum expenses and high quality, are used in designing and manufacture of non-standard parts of mechanical equipment. The designing with regard to the use of universal bending machine in production of laser, plasma and water jet cutting, to the use of design techniques for welded construction with technological equipment minimization in the process of production enable to minimize time of development and production of non-standard equipment and, therefore, to increase competitive advantages of our products.